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Tree Trimming

One of the numerous services we provide is trimming trees. Whether you have overgrown limbs dropping leaves, a tree that needs pruning, or dead branches in danger of falling, we can handle any tree trimming needs you have. If your trees branches are growing over power lines or over your roof consider calling Sherwood Tree and Stump Removal to ensure safety and prevent property damage.

Tree Removal

Our expert team can handle any tree removal large or small. With our professional equipment and techniques we can quickly and safely remove all trees causing issues in your yard. Dead or diseased trees will be efficiently removed to clear your lawn and take any unnecessary stress off your shoulders. We have serviced the Jacksonville, Cabot, North Little Rock, and Little Rock area for years and have an excellent level of professionalism. Call or get a free quote today!

Stump Grinding Central Arkansas

Sherwood Tree and Stump Removal can easily cut down trees and grind the leftover stump. No one likes mowing around any annoying stump or even the damage it can cause your lawnmower if not properly removed. We can handle that stump quickly and leave your yard without the eyesore. We are the best in the area at leveling customers stumps to enable lawn care. If you are in need of a stump removal check out our stump grinding page to learn more or call and get a free quote.

Emergency Tree Service Sherwood, Jacksonville, Cabot

We are all aware of the storms that frequently hit the Central Arkansas region. Do not let the wreckage caused by these storms leave you scrambling to clear the debris and limbs while dealing with damaged property. Allow our team to quickly service your trees and limbs. We will haul off all the debris and leave your yard clear.

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