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Stump grinding is a service we provide to help clear your yard. Let us take care of you if you have a tree that has been previously cut down and need the stump to be removed. Check out our Tree Removal and then call us for a quote for tree removal and stump grinding. Are you sick and tired of mowing around the annoying stump in your yard? Or even bumping into the stump on accident, causing damage to your mower. If you have any projects for your yard which require your yard to be level you may need a stump grinder. A stump could derail yard projects like decks, landscaping, and patios. Let us handle your stump so you will be free to do any yard work you need to.

Our fast and efficient work with high quality equipment with leave you completely satisfied with your lawn. Grinding stumps, trimming, branches, removing trees, whatever needs you have Sherwood Tree and Stump Removal can provide. With competitive prices and genuine care and concern for our local area we provide the absolute best tree service in Sherwood, Central Arkansas, and even the state. Get a free quote today to decide if we are the right tree service for you. Give us a call today at:

Give us a call today at:


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At Sherwood Tree and Stump Removal we can grind a stump down to make your lawn level. Caring for your yard by removing a stump can add curb appeal and make many projects possible for you yard. Much will be possible when we have we removed your stumps. Having a level yard will allow you to complete lawn care projects and beautify your yard. We can give you a free quote to show you our competitive prices when it comes to stump grinding. We are the best in the region for grinding stumps because of our equipment, work ethic, and quick and efficient stump grinding. Our machinery, the stump grinder, is top notch and makes quick work of removing a stump.

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We have committed to serve our local area and have taken care of countless stumps for our local community. As we remove trees we also can take care of tree stumps as well. If you need a competitive rate for removing a tree and grinding the stump get a free quote today. We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our quick, safe and efficient tree and stump removal. There is a reason we are the best in the central Arkansas region. We have many years of tree service under our belts and we provide excellent service to the surrounding areas. Our service is unparalleled in the area because of the way that we care for the members of our local community. We can do it all: tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, and emergency tree services. All that we do is to promote healthy safe yards and happy customers.

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